Are You On "The List?"
NWO Cartel Operates Exactly As The Nazi's Did

Advent of the SSSS Surveillance Designation
(Since the discovery of this system, the US has moved on to a less conspicuous marker.)

"SSSS" ... Secondary Security Screening System  (To watch the full film, click here.)

Naomi Wolf's SSSS designation.

My SSSS designation.
They even circled it, so it wouldn't be missed.
My last two flights in 2007 and 2008 were both marked "SSSS."
I quit rewarding the airlines and have not flown ever since.

The question is...
"Are you on the list?"
You might be surprised... if you can find out. Check your old airline tickets.
Since the word got out, rumor has it they have now moved on to a newer tracking system.
Don't think you're safe though. They just transfer the previous names to their new list.
And this all happens in the so-called land of the free.