About The American Truth Network
A Much Needed Resource Is Undeniably A Truly Daunting Endeavor

Hands down the most difficult project to undertake, trying to get people who are caught in the left-right political trap to agree on the truth. By the real truth, we mean from alternative news sources, not owned by the corporate media machine.

One thing became apparent in putting this site together, there are two degrees for recognizing the truth. The first is the recognition of the big lie, that our government is not run by "we the people." It is fair to say that 90% of the sites listed here understand how the mega-wealthy central bankers took over our currency system in 1913, however, far less truly understand the post 9/11 world, creating a divide amongst those who work to provide the real truth.

In a nutshell, the two camps now hold disdain for the other, something which isn't good for the truth movement. And the truth movement for ATN isn't just about 9/11, but also understanding the coup that the Federal Reserve System has perpetrated upon the United States, and the threat that it holds for our nation's sovereignty and our Constitutional rights.

The left-right Democrat-Republican political trap is the method used to control us all. This website truly hopes to minimize political partisanship, even though it is an impossible dream to find many websites these days with a neutral political bias. To further ATN's effort of non-partisanship, there are many top pundits that you will not find listed on this site, such as Rush Limbaugh or Ed Schultz, nor political news sites like FOX News or MSNBC, for the reason that they are all too close to the party line, which is generally always the furthest from the truth.

Our litmus test in selecting websites to feature on ATN...

  • Those who are willing to defy the official political party line when reporting the truth,
    by fairly calling out both Democrats and Republicans.

  • Those who understand and report on the deceitful takeover of the U.S. currency
    system by the Federal Reserve private banking cartel.

  • Those who educate and report on unchecked corporatism in America.

  • Any outlets willing to discuss the U.S. media takeover and disinfo in America.

  • Those who educate and report on government false flag events.

  • Those searching for the full story on the 9/11 attacks on America.

  • Those willing to discuss the globalist plan for a New World Order.

Many Americans have no idea about the origins of the Federal Reserve, even though over half of America doesn't buy the official government story and wants a new 9/11 investigation. There are just as many more who want to know why the anthrax story suddenly went away once it was proven that the special aerosolized spores had come from a U.S. military lab at Ft. Detrick.

So this site will range from the progressive programs such as Democracy Now and The Daily Show, to conservative broadcasts from Oracle Broadcasting, and Alex Jones. Know this, it is a difficult mix to manage this many alternative news links without offending someone.

Sometimes there can be many paths to the same truth. Just because some aren't as far along on the path of knowledge and enlightenment, does not mean they should be omitted from adding their piece to the greater truth we are all seeking.

ATN is a project under construction. Started in January 2011, many of the links on this site will be scrutinized further as the site expands, to maintain that they fully meet the minimum standards set forth above, generally conditions one and two.

The American Truth Network is meant to be a one-stop hub for finding the real truth in this world. Most would agree that the corporate mainstream media does not give us the real truth. ATN is an attempt to provide an alternative news source to the corporate media machine. ATN is an advocate of freedom and liberty. We support the dream of our founding fathers, as well as being an ardent defender of our inalienable U.S. Constitutional rights.